What a ride it’s been so far…from recording my 1st Ever song in Birmingham UK to living out my dream performing In Mumbai India to Dubai! 20 year of sweat blood and believe me alot of tears. I’ve come to a point of my career, where I’m content and making music that truly means the world to me and my extended family …my fans!! In the beginning, it was a struggle to find my sound and lyrics, but through personal growth and looking at the world through clear lenses, I truly found me…

From singing in English for my Debut Main Stream Album ” Believe In Me” recorded, at Bryan Adam’s Studio here in Vancouver, engineered by my brother Eric Mosher to my Indian Albums, ” Yours For the Taking, Signatures, This Side of Luv, and Taqdeer My Destiny. With many singles from Dhol Te, Livin’ It Up, DJ Shadow Remixes, Tohar Vekh Kai ( Bikram Singh NYC) , Harj Nagra Produced Kichay Selfirle Kuriye. To my next chapter with the Great Legendary producer Hunterz with That’s My Girl & Balle Balle ( 2023 releases) all of these songs and Albums, hit #1 and #2 on the itunes World Music Charts and RnB Soul Charts worldwide. In which I cannot thank my extended family( You all) enough!!!

After 5 years of writing, planning, recording, and perfecting – Luv’s Debut new album “Believe In Me” is finally prepared to launch globally. This project will deliver an album that is different than his previously released work. It draws you in with the amalgamation of so many different flavors as it covers a wide range of genres throughout the album, generating music that will entice multiple demographics. Inspired by artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, UB40, Duran-Duran, and George Michael, 

My charitable foundation #Luv4Humanity was inaugurated, 2018 where my company #LuvMusicOnline donates 5 x $500 scholarships to High School Graduates who want to pursue Arts as a career. The Luv Randhawa Innovation of Arts has been working with Kids Play Foundation to mentor students in Building there career in the Arts as well as helping the students of BC Canada, these programs mean so much to me and my team. Where, I can help, develop ones, career and passion….I will!

I sincerely appreciate, the federal and Provincial governments respect, to my career, by bestowing many awards and certificates of excellence in arts & community service. 2020 & 2021 I was awarded the Best International Artist By the UK Bhangra Awards, 2023 Times of Canada Best Artist Award and also the federal government of Canada, Awarded me the Queens 70th Platinum Jubliee Pin . Canadian Member of Parliament Randeep Sarai, spoke about my accomplishments in the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa ( 1st South Asian Artist ) truly, what a honor! Also in my own Province Jenny Simms also awarded me a beautiful distinction in BC Parliament in Victoria. Truly humbled by the love and respect for all the recognition, my music 🎶 has cemented me in history in Canada 🇨🇦 and abroad.

The next chapter, has begun working with Alex( Dr T) David Bowman, Hunterz, Eric Mosher, Khalid Khan, KSK , and many others get ready… The Musical Journey is just beginning.

Chapter 2 of Sound is being Born & Evolutionized !

Luv has outdone himself, and has created an album, which will catapult him to the top of the music scene, worldwide. This launch is focused solely on that goal, so we can expose as many listeners,  around the globe to his passion for music, thought provoking lyrics in songs like “R U Ready” and “My Kinda Crazy” he reminds us all to find joy, strive for better in our everyday lives and above all, always live from a place of ~Luv.

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